Cetana AI
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Cetana AI is a consultancy, specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The firm was founded by Navneet Bhalla (formerly known as NB Consulting). He has 15 years experience in AI/ML, in both business and academia. In addition to being a full-time consultant, Navneet is also an Honorary Research Associate at University College London, in the Department of Computer Science, as a member of the Intelligent Systems Group. Before consulting, Navneet was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University (Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology), Cornell University (Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering), and Universität Paderborn (Department of Computer Science). His multidisciplinary research covers artificial intelligence, machine learning, heuristic optimization, self-assembling systems, mechanical design, soft robotics, and composite materials.

Cetana AI has engaged in a variety of AI/ML projects with small to medium enterprises, across Canada and the UK. Projects have included text mining, swarm intelligence, natural language processing, and facial recognition. We have also architected and implemented RESTful APIs for our clients, to enable them to deliver AI/ML services in the cloud.

Please contact us to determine how Cetana AI can assist your organization.